About the Taieri Musical Society

Taieri Musical is a charitable society whose goal is to produce high quality, financially feasible musical theatre while providing opportunities for local performers and theatre enthusiasts.

We are fortunate to have a large base of volunteers contributing to every department of our organisation, from our committee to the casts and crews of each show. Without the countless hours donated by these individuals we would not be able to operate.


Taieri Musical Society was founded in 1968, initially known as the Outram Musical Society. The group later moved into Mosgiel, changed its name and adopted the Coronation Hall as its home.

In 2014 the society rebranded as Taieri Musical and chose a new logo to reflect the high quality that the organisation has come to be known for.

In 2018 Taieri Musical celebrated its 50th anniversary.


As a charitable society, we exist for our members. To become a member of Taieri Musical Society, please click here.

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Health, Safety and Wellbeing Guide
Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Guidelines


Ben Thomas

Vice President:
Tania Graham

Courtney Adams

Bruce Clark

Tom Acklin, Lisa Caton, Blair Hughson, Ben Johnson, Rowena Monson, Emma Morey, Sandra Nixon

Life members

Tania Graham, Mike Harris, Julie Judd, Jenny Keogh, Bruce McDowell, Rowena Monson, Sandra Nixon, Vera Parsons, Vera Parsons, Leona Pine, Graeme Read, Inez Robertson, Ngaire Sutherland


Roger Caton, Jim Monson, Jill Read
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