Taieri Musical Society Theatrical Scholarship

Taieri Musical Society invites applicants annually for grants from the TMS Theatrical Scholarship fund. Eligible individuals must be over 16 years old, be current members of Taieri Musical Society and have demonstrated a commitment to theatre. TMS Theatrical Scholarship grants are designed to assist in the funding of specific, one-off 'reach' goals or opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Andrew Coshan Georgia Baker Evan Fenemor


Taieri Musical is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2016 Taieri Musical Society Scholarships:

Ben Thomas
"I truly appreciate the generosity of Taieri Musical in granting me this scholarship. Over the last 8 years Taieri Musical productions have given me countless opportunities to learn and improve, and I am incredibly thankful for the financial support to attend the New Zealand Singing School in January, to work with a faculty of national and international acclaim, which allows me to continue learning and improving."

Andrew Coshan
"I would like to start by thanking Taieri Musical for their continued support of my musical theatre dreams. Raising the money to continue my course at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) has proved a difficult task and being granted this scholarship to aid my studies is a massive weight off of my shoulders. I am often asked what WAAPA is like and I will often compare it to the movie musical FAME which most people say they have seen. As you walk from one class to another you will pass studios full of ballerinas doing graceful routines; practice rooms where you hear jazz, classical or contemporary musicians on all kinds of instruments; singers warming up their voices under trees in the quad. I walk around my university and am constantly inspired by the talent around me. I feel like I belong here. But what’s more is that I am improving at a rate that excites me to go to class every day. I can confidently say that now I need musical theatre in my life, it’s a part of who I am. I want to learn and improve, and knowing that I will definitely be able to continue my studies, because of scholarships like this, fills me with endless joy, gratitude and determination. I cannot thank you enough, I can’t wait to show you how much I’ve improved and I promise that later in my career I will return this kindness you have shown me."

Lauren Johnson
"I am extremely thankful for all the opportunities and experience that being involved with Taieri Musicals have given me and am honoured to be receiving this scholarship. I'm very excited to able to attend this course and gain essential skills that will help me towards my goals. "


Taieri Musical is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2015 Taieri Musical Society Scholarships are Georgia Baker and Andrew Coshan. Both Georgia and Andrew have performed multiple times with Taieri Musical, most notably together in Mamma Mia as Sophie and Pepper. Georgia has been pursuing her performance career at Associated Studios in London during 2015, and Andrew has been accepted into the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) for 2016. On applying for the scholarship, Georgia said "I am grateful for all the opportunities and experience that Taieri Musical has given me and I look forward to returning to Dunedin with more knowledge and experience to share with other young performers. With the completion of this course I will have learnt vital skills within the industry that will help me to be the best, most professional performer I can be."

In his acknowledgement of the scholarship, Andrew said "I am honored to have received this scholarship from Taieri Musical. To be recognised and believed in by my peers in the musical theatre community gives me great motivation going forward. I aim to make them and all who have supported me proud of what I will achieve over the length of this course and beyond.". Taieri Musical Society is proud to support these two wonderful young artists, and we wish them both well for their future performance careers.

Congratulations Georgia and Andrew.

2014 Scholarship Recipient

Taieri Musical is delighted to announce that the recipient of our inaugural scholarship is Evan Fenemor.

Evan has performed multiple times with Taieri Musical, most recently as Sky in Mamma Mia, and he has now been accepted to The Actors Program for 2015, a prestigious acting school in Auckland where Evan will be taught by some of New Zealand’s leading performers and teachers.

Evan says the scholarship "will go a long way in helping me realise my dreams and ambitions to become a performer. Taieri has been extremely generous to me in the past, in every sense of the word and for that I will forever be extremely grateful".

We will be sad to see Evan go but wish him well in his future endeavours and know that he will make the most of every opportunity he is offered.

Congratulations Evan.

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