2020 Holiday Programme

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our 2020 holiday programme until further notice. For more information, you can contact holidayprogramme@taierimusical.org.nz.

8-11 Year Olds:

This age group will be working through an introduction to the three core skills of Musical Theatre: singing, dancing and acting. In their dance sessions they will learn some tapping skills and put together a performance. In music and drama, they will work on their skills learning music in groups and reading basic sheet music, as well as performing. They will also work on performance skills and applying acting skills to their dance and singing performances.

Dance: Emma Holloway
Performance and Music: Toni Shanks

12-15 Year Olds:

This age group also works on the three core skills of Musical Theatre. In their singing, they will look at learning harmonies within groups, holding their part and performance. In dance, they will work on not only steps and skills, but also on how to learn dances in shorter periods of time and how to perform well. Lastly, in their acting sessions, they will work through acting skills and how to apply them to performing songs and dances.

Tutors are:
Dance: Cadyne Geary
Acting: Charlotte McKay
Singing: Cath Short

16-18 Year Olds:

This age group is focused on progressing skills they may already have into ‘castable’ skills - going through what they might need to do to be cast in adult ensemble/lead roles. Not only will the age group learn songs, dances and scenes to perform at the final showcase, they will spend time in their sessions working on the things that work or let you down in an audition, how to perform under pressure, and how to take on feedback. All of our tutors for this age group have experience on audition panels, and can provide valuable feedback on ‘mastering the audition’. As well as this, 16-18 year olds will start the week with a ‘mock audition’ so as to gain experience in the audition room.

Tutors are:
Individual Song: Kelly Hocking
Group Song: Anna Langford
Dance: Emma Holloway
Acting: Sara Georgie

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For more information, you can contact holidayprogramme@taierimusical.org.nz.

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