Taieri Musical is excited to announce that we will be bringing Disney’s Moana Junior to the stage in October 2021!

We are super excited to announce our Creative Team for Moana Jr and a date change. Moana Jr will now be held in the October holidays, 5th-8th October, with auditions being held 28th-30th May.


Auditions are being held from Friday 28th May - Sunday 30th May 2021. For more information and to register for your audition, click here!

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Creative team

Anna Langford - Director
Charlotte McKay - Vocal Director
Cadyne Geary - Choreographer
Pesamino Tili - Cultural Advisor

This production is part of our youth programme, which in the last two years has brought a Musical Theatre Holiday Programme to the children of Ōtepoti. Moana Jr however, will be run just like any of our other shows, offering children an opportunity to be a part of the TMS theatre experience and gain skills that will help them transition into adult casts in the future. As such, though membership of Taieri Musical is expected (as is in any of our productions), there is no cost to participate in this production.

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Exciting announcement - Disney’s Moana Jr to be produced in Dunedin in 2021!

Taieri Musical are very happy to announce that we will be staging Disney’s production of Moana Junior in Dunedin in October, 2021. This production will be a part of our youth programme, one which is dedicated to engaging the youth of Dunedin in musical theatre.

We are very excited about this project as we hope it is the first step in our efforts to diversify our society to include all cultures that are represented in Ōtepoti. Though we hold open auditions to any and all of our productions, we generally find that we have the same people auditioning for each production and do not often engage members outside of that pool. Our holiday programme, started in 2019, was the first step in engaging youth from all around Dunedin and removing some of the barriers that have previously stopped people taking part in our productions. However, we have noticed that even by doing this, we still miss out on a huge portion of Dunedin’s children being involved in our productions, including much of Dunedin’s Māori and Pasifika communities.

Because of this, when we sat down recently to write our strategic plan (something we have not done before) one of the key goals we noted was to become more diverse across our society. Moana, we believe, is our stepping stone to this. By choosing a production that tells such a unique story about Polynesia, we hope we will engage a new group of kids who haven’t previously been interested in (or known about) our society and what we do. This will lay the foundation for productions to come as we start to build new relationships and can work on bringing this diversity into all aspects of our society.

Though we are excited about putting this production on, we are also aware that we will need help from many members of our Māori and Pasifika communities to ensure that we do so authentically. This will need to happen at all levels of the production including planning, casting and designing. We are aware that we may have needed to engage members of the community in our initial planning of this production, but hope that by starting now, we can ensure that everything is in place by the time we are ready to hold auditions.

In order to ensure that appropriate cultural advice and guidance is provided, we are working with our local Māori and Pasifika communities throughout this project. Having said that, we welcome and encourage queries regarding our choices and process. As previously stated, we hope this is the first step in diversifying our society, and so we really wish to make sure that we are being as open and transparent as we can.

Contact information:
Charlotte Hayward - Programme Coordinator and Secretary of Taieri Musical.

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